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Khronos Dashboards

Khronos Dashboards is a web solution for business, designed to display summary, aggregate and detailed information from databases. It includes dashboards, reports and data entry / editing facilities. It is a cost effective solution for visualisation and reporting over a variety of data sources.

Khronos Dashboards has been used to provide supplier contract management solutions, production efficiency reporting, historian visualisation and editing, and as a platform for the Khronos Delay Accounting Module.

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Key Features

  • Flexible, high performance displays
  • Mobility support for tablets and other mobile devices
  • Filtering, grouping and sorting
  • Versatile data editing forms with contextualised editing features
  • Charts, graphs, gauges, popups, pull-down lists and more
  • Smartgrids and tables
  • Integration with SQL Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • Integration with Windows Security
  • Export to Excel and PDF for both raw data and reports
  • Zero client downloads or installation

Supported systems

Khronos Dashboards can connect to most SQL based systems including:

  • Microsoft® SQL Server 2008 or later (including Express editions)
  • FactoryTalk® Metrics
  • FactoryTalk Historian SE (via SQL Linked Server and PIOLEDB)
  • OSI PI® Historian (via SQL Linked Server and PIOLEDB)
  • Citect® Historian (via direct SQL connection)

Companies that rely on Khronos Dashboards include: