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Khronos Historian Backfill Utility

The Khronos Historian Backfill Utility migrates large volumes of historical data from CitectSCADA® Trend files into FactoryTalk® Historian SE or OSI PI® Historian. It supports:

  • Sourcing data from CitectSCADA version 5 or later (tested up to version 8)
  • Sourcing data directly from disk for faster processing
  • Sourcing data from offline trend files on the network
  • Both 2-byte and 8-byte file formats
  • Both Periodic and Event trend types
  • Scaling output values to either Raw or Engineering ranges
  • Performing basic compression during insertion
  • Output to FactoryTalk Historian, OSI PI, or CSV files

The utility is typically used when deploying a new Historian at an existing CitectSCADA site, or to provide data protection by replicating data stored in offline proprietary files to a robust, online environment. A key benefit of the migration is that the entire historical repository is immediately available to historian clients.

It supports a variety of settings and tuning parameters to customise the data migration to your purpose, and leverages native SDK for maximum data injection performance.

Khronos Historian Backfill Utility is been used by such diverse companies as