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Khronos Insight Cloud Edition

Khronos Insight Cloud Edition provides all of the functionality of Khronos Insight, hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud to reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs for our customers. When you subscribe to the Cloud Edition, all of the product-dependent software licenses, including operating systems and databases, are covered by the annual subscription costs. We take care of upgrades, backups, disaster recovery, system expansion, and all other aspects of maintaining a healthy, performant system.

Khronos Insight Cloud Edition is especially relevent for:

  • Small sites which don't want to spend capital on servers, databases, and infrastructure.
  • Multi-site customers who want a coherent view of their entire enterprise.
  • Sites which are operated by a 3rd party, and where both companies require access to the system.
  • Customers who already host data in the cloud, such as in the MS Azure Time Series Insights cloud-based historian.
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Khronos Insight Cloud Edition is build on the latest HTML5 technologies, allowing seamless functionality on both desktop and mobile devices. The Cloud Edition includes the latest in SSL security technology for trusted encryption in transit, as well as enforced Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) for all users. User logins are based on their email addresses, allowing them to self-manage their passwords and MFA credentials, while still only accessing data under their security privilege context (e.g. Operator vs Supervisor vs Analyst).

Azure Cloud Hosting means that authorized users can access the system from anywhere in the world, on mobile or desktop devices, and perform their functions as-needed.

Khronos Insight Cloud Edition includes

  • SSL Certificates for encrypted data-in-transit.
  • Encryption-at-rest for data servers.
  • Dedicated, isolated databases for each customer
    (i.e. not multi-tenant data storage).
  • Dedicated, isoltated security models for each customer
    (i.e. not multi-tenant web server).
  • Dedicated, isolated, encrypted, secure web services for 3rd party connectivity to reporting clients such as Power-BI.
  • Geo-specific deployments to retain all data in-region where required.
  • Time-zone awareness to provide data in the context of the site's time-zone rather than the deployment region.
  • Azure-based backups and disaster-recovery services.

Data Integration

It is the responsibility of our customers to make on-premise, private cloud, or hosted data available to Khronos Insight Cloud Edition. This may be via data pumping operations where data is pushed from the on-premise IT/OT networks to the cloud, or VPN connectivity to allow Khronos Insight Data Readers direct access to on-premise systems.

The broader Khronos Suite of products assists in this regard, with facilities to pump data from on-premise databases and historians to the cloud, with minimal effort, configuration, and maintenance.

To speak to one of our technical consultants about what Khronos Insight can do for your business, contact us now.

Companies that rely on Khronos Insight include: