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Khronos OPCdB Server

Khronos OPCdB Server is an OPC DA Server which translates SQL information into OPC DA data for use by control systems, HMI/SCADA systems, management information systems (MIS), and manufacturing execution systems (MES). It connects to multiple databases simultaneously, as well as other data sources via SQL Linked Servers. It supports views, queries, functions and stored procedures.

Database loading is protected by defining server-side polling rates. OPC clients can subscribe as quickly as they choose to, without causing queries to run too frequently on the server.

Example use cases include:

  • Displaying train schedules on a SCADA
  • Identifying the next scheduled batch number from the production database
  • Identifying the current crew from a roster database
  • Passing product details from corporate systems to delay accounting systems
  • Flagging downtime activities based on a production schedule

Companies that rely on Khronos OPCdB Server include: